Daniel "Mr.7" Jakubowski is an illustrator from Berlin specializing in contemporary portrait paintings, event posters and merchandise. His inspirations come from 80s skateboardgraphics and heavy metal t-shirts as well as the old masters...
Find him in the skatepark, on a surftrip or in the rehearsal-room with his band "Faster Disaster".
Insta: mr.7illustration


Corinne Weidmann is a contemporary artist who pours abstract, theoretical, and philosophical concepts and visualizations of landscapes into her work. Born in Switzerland and living in Costa Rica, Berlin and London, her work has been exhibited in international solo- and group exhibitions and featured globally by the Snowsports industry.
Insta: corinne.weidmann


JASPER defines the term digital nomad in every sense. With a degree in photography, he can be seen from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean to every sea in between. Nature is his natural environment. Jasper captures the surfing lifestyle as a content director for,, and various other brands. In his spare time, he develops numerous private projects.

Insta: jaysper

FASTER DISASTER punkrockband from Berlin. Stevo Royal (guitar), Dustin Disaster (bass), Andi Theke (drums, girls) & Mr.7 (vocals, guitar) are currently working on their second studio album while touring the Berlin club circuit.

They´re on all the streaming apps with their 2022 Album "Catastrophe Club"

Insta: fasterdisasterofficial